My Acne cover up routine

Amazing for any of you acne sufferer’s! This girl knows her stuff..



Unfortunately I have not been graced with amazing skin, I am an acne sufferer! Anyone out there that suffers from acne can relate to how horrible it actually is! Your skin is bumpy, sore and extremely red and requires a lot of work to camouflage. Over the past 2 years (when my acne has been its worst) I have created a cleansing and makeup routine which calms my skin down the most, as well as hiding my spots. Above is a before shot, this is how my acne typically looks most mornings extremely red with swollen spots, and beside it is an image of the same cheek after I done my skin care and makeup routine. Below I will give a step by step outline as to what products I use and my routine. Thank you for viewing and I hope this helps someone out…

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